At BeLaik our motivation is not only to perform great as a store, but also to do good for others. This is an essential factor in our business and we care deeply about doing something positive for the world.

We promise to be a good company which means that our drive to help people upgrade their lives always comes before the reckless pursuit of profit. 11% of all proceeds from BeLaik go towards non-profits and the harder we work, the more our customers shop and the more we are able to give to charities and non-profits that we truly believe in. Giving back to social causes is an essential part of our company. We rotate 3 featured non-profits within 3 categories of giving – animals, people and natural disasters, so that we have the opportunity to give to a variety of worthy causes. (Above, you will see our current featured non-profits!)

We believe that shopping is a whole lot more fun and meaningful when you know that with every purchase you make, you are giving back to someone in need or a mission you believe in.

-Animal equality

-Direct Relief
-Heart to heart
-Daily little projects in India

Be Kind
Be Great